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Welcome to the Pension Quality Mark

The Pension Quality Mark (PQM) is the highest standard of excellence available to UK employers to demonstrate the benefits of their pension offering.  Brought to you by the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association, the PQM is for all DC schemes, whether trust or contract based.  It is recognised by the HR and pensions industries, and the Government.

Nearly 200 pension schemes hold either PQM or PQM PLUS, with over 600,000 employees actively saving in these arrangements.

The latest schemes to achieve PQM are: MMT BTUK Retirement Savings Plan and B.Braun UK Group Personal Pension Plan

For employers, PQM:

  • Demonstrates that your pension scheme has been independently ranked as top quality
  • Provides a competitive advantage in staff retention and recruitment
  • Supports your employees in saving for a comfortable retirement
  • Positions your company at the forefront of employer responsibility

For employees:

The Pension Quality Mark (PQM) is only given to top quality pension schemes. If yours has it - you know that it's passed independent checks in the following areas:

  • Contributions At least 10% of earnings goes into your pension pot - or 15% for PQM Plus. 
  • Governance This means how your scheme is run. Are the people who run it properly qualified? Do they meet regularly? Can members have a say? PQM checks all these things.
  • Communication Does your scheme give you regular information, in a way that is easy to understand? PQM makes sure of this.

Pension schemes with PQM include employees in a variety of sectors, including financial services, charities, retail, pharmaceuticals and engineering.  Don't forget to look which employers in your sector have PQM  or PQM PLUS .

Latest Tweet 2:15 PM, 2nd Jan 2019 by PQM

Congratulations to MMT BTUK Retirement Savings Plan for attaining the Pension Quality Mark. @Bombardier

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We are delighted to support any initiative that recognises the value and importance of employee communications. The Pension Quality Mark does just that and we are excited to be involved. We look forward to having more of our clients having their communication programmes recognised by the Pension Quality Mark and to promote the required standard amongst our other clients going forward.
Nigel Ferrier - Executive Chairman, Ferrier Pearce